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A Farm Family

Mini Austranian Shephards & Labs

At Water Wheel Farm, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the breed.  Our Dora has seven generations of double blue eyed parents behind her.  We are hopeful that she produces blue eyed beautys.  We are expecting puppies from her around the first of the year, 2017.  

Taco likes to think he is the boss on the farm.  He works with George and Shannon to manage the cows, especially calves when they escape the fences.  He is very talented as a herdsman.  He is 21 inches tall and a beautiful Red Merle.  He is the sire to Dora's first litter of puppies due 12/31/2016.    Another litter of puppies was welcomed to the farm in late July 2017. Gosh are they pretty. 

 Please welcome our Heritage Breed of Registered Karakul Sheep! 

The Karakul may be the oldest breed of domesticated sheep. Archeological evidence indicates the existence of the Persian lambskin as early as 1400 B.C. and carvings of a distinct Karakul type have been found on ancient Babylonian temples. Although known as the "fur" sheep, the Karakul provided more than the beautifully patterned silky pelts of the young lambs. They were also a source of milk, meat, tallow, and wool, a strong fiber that was felted into fabric or woven into carpeting.

The Karakul is native to Central Asia and is named after a village called Karakul which lies in the valley of the Amu Darja River in the former emirate of Bokhara, West Turkestan. This region is one of high altitude with scant desert vegetation and a limited water supply. A hard life imparted to the breed a hardiness and ability to thrive under adverse conditions, which is distinctive of the Karakul sheep to this day.

for more information please see the following link http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/sheep/karakul/#content

Recent Litters

Newest additions are expected January 1, 2017

Welcome to the World of Aussies - Is a Mini Aussie Right for You?


Miniature Australian Shepherds are loving and devoted companions to their families, but are generally reserved with strangers. The mini Aussie is a herding dog with strong natural instincts. Of course, you will need to train them properly as what is appropriate to herd. They are not a "busy" dog but they are a high energy dog that needs purpose. Obedience is strongly recommended and playing and exercise should be a daily routine. Welcoming a mini Aussie into your home will give you a life long friend that is fun, intelligent, highly motivated, and most importantly part of the family. For more great information about this breed visit Australian Shepherd Lovers by clicking here.  

Health Testing

The single most important decision we can make for our puppies is to determine whether each puppy is structurally sound enough to do what we will ask of it in its lifetime. We strive to ensure that all of our puppies will be happy, healthy, life long companions for your family. All breeds are predisposed to certain inherited diseases and genetic defects. Through DNA testing, veterinary evaluations, and careful planned breedings, these risks can be greatly minimized and sometimes eliminated. All the dogs at Schaffert's have undergone the necessary evaluations to ensure that our puppies are the healthiest they can be. We test all our dogs and puppies for PRAPRCD, HC, and MDR1.

Australian Shepherd History & Genetics

The most commonly held belief on the origins of the Aussie begin in the late 1800’s when western ranchers were importing sheep from Australia. During this period the most popular sheep were being imported into Australia from the Basque regions of Spain. When the herds were shipped, their shepherds were sent with them to manage and care for the flocks on the journey. As the Australian’s reputation for quality sheep grew, the demand for their sheep grew also and American ranchers began importing them. The livestock were shipped to the Americas, again accompanied by the Basque shepherds and their herding dogs. Ranchers of the American west were reportedly very impressed with the working ability of these "little blue dogs" and began interbreeding them with their own shepherd dogs. For genetic information about the Austrailan Shepherd click here.

Registries / Clubs

Registering your dog is an important step in buying a puppy. Not only does registering your pet provide you assurance of accurate genealogy, it is also a record of documentation which is equivalent to a birth certificate of a child or a title to a new car. By registering your dog, your pet record will be kept in a database and each dog is issued its own identifying pin number for tracking. In case your pet is lost or stolen, your registration will record proof of ownership.

Show Opportunities

If you are interested in showing your new Aussie, here are some links to find out more information.

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